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Three Industries to Account for Pennsylvania Job Growth

Posted on September 25, 2008

Three main industries are expected to be responsible for adding the most jobs in Pennsylvania in the coming years.

The education and health services, professional and business services and leisure and hospitality industries are expected to account for 90 percent of Pennsylvania‘s annual employment growth through 2014, according to an article by Center for Workforce Information and Analysis.

“These sectors reflect the dynamics of an aging population‘s need for more health care, the gradual transition of the Baby Boom generation out of the workforce and into an active retirement, and the continued transformation of the state’s economy from a goods producer to a service producer,” the article notes.

The top 10 places to work among the fastest growing industries in Pennsylvania through 2014 are projected to be:

  • elementary and secondary schools hiring 3,200 workers per year
  • full-service restaurants hiring 2,700 workers per year
  • colleges, universities and professional schools hiring 2,700 workers per year
  • community care facilities for the elderly hiring 2,500 workers per year
  • offices of physicians hiring 2,400 workers per year
  • management and technical consulting services hiring 1,900 workers per year
  • warehousing and storage hiring 1,700 workers per year
  • individual and family services hiring 1,700 workers per year
  • employment services hiring 1,500 workers per year
  • computer systems design services hiring 1,300 workers per year
  • According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pennsylvania’s education and health services industry employed 1,102,500 people in August 2008, an increase 2.3 percent from last year. The state’s professional and business services industry employed 713,100 in August, an increase of .9 percent from last year. The leisure and hospitality industry employed 505,200 workers in August, an increase of 1.1 percent from last year.

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